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Absorbing language info

To qualify you need no background at all. We start from scratch. Please have a willingness to have fun and be ready to spend 90 minutes in class per week. "At home" work is up to you.

Pronunciation. It is the most important item.

Learning and understanding how elementary nouns and verbs work.

Reading, writing, and translating simple sentences.

If your class uses a number, then this level has been split up - for example, Beginning Danish I, 2 & 3 represent Beginning classes meant to be taken in a sequence across 3 quarters.


Activating your elementary language background.

Developing a good ability to pronounce any given word according to the rules discussed in class.

Adding a working ability with adjectives to our review of how nouns and verbs work.

Learning some simple idioms.

Reading and writing (spelling, dictionary choices) and more work on speaking and understanding.

Practicing questions and answers as the basis for conversation.

These classes are usually for advanced beginning students (equivalent to Beginning levels 2 and/or 3)


Expanding your conversational abilities.

Making simple descriptions of pictures or words.

Expressing yourself simply in response to a question.

Adding to and developing a vocabulary sufficient for simple expression on any topic—both active (conversational use) and passive (an ability to get the gist from context).

Growing more comfortable with idiomatic expressions.


Practicing and polishing

Focusing on very good pronunciation

Minimizing difficulty translating sentences, paragraphs and articles which include some idiomatic phrases.

Becoming more accurate with regard to spelling, word order, and form

Being able to carry on a conversation with very little problem

Understanding others speaking on various subjects

Expressing answers to questions that are asked in the target language. with more detail and completeness.


Contact our Director if you have any questions about which level fits your needs.

Melissa Lucas
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